She talks for the early morning announcements during the Millwood higher having Eli, having an on / off method of experience of him

Devenity Perkins plays Morgan. When she are hookup bars El Paso younger she used to be best friends that have Cassie, Diana and you may Jenna. Jenna, Morgan and you will Diana upcoming ditched Cassie and you will become being indicate so you can this lady. But Jenna leftover her or him and Diana and you may Morgan turned new indicate ladies. She loves to have the hearsay towards folk, and you can records they back once again to Diana. She turned a cheerleader immediately following Trip approved her on the people. She does not hate Cassie to Diana do, however, she helps Diana ruin Cassie’s life. She eavesdropped into the talks one to Jenna and you may Cassie got. She together with grabbed photo out of Kate hugging Diana’s old boyfriend-date regarding the counselor’s workplace to exhibit Diana. Whenever she is actually more youthful she pretend she is a grown-up, she after that become are a corporate ladies, she wanted to help Spencer along with his snack bot however, the guy became the girl off. Very she generated her won snack bot hence brought about her and you can Spencer for a rivalry while they one another offered restaurants that have a robot.

Autumn [ ]

Lilia Buckingham plays Trip. Trip is a mind supporter and you can upperclassmen out of Millwood. Trip is also a dancer exactly who rises facing Fuel Surge with the Attaway High’s Poultry Ladies. She is the most common woman at Millwood, aggressive and you can wants to gamble filthy discover anybody else out of your image. Not surprisingly, she’s nonetheless a sweetheart whenever she chooses to become and is not as mean since the folk thinks she is.

Brayden [ ]

Brayden was starred because of the Dominic Kline. They are the brand new ex-sweetheart regarding Diana, Kate’s magic boyfriend along with Cassie’s break. He or she is felt the best kid inside the levels, and you can hangs out which have Spencer and you will Sam. He never ever endured as much as Diana until it split up and he starred in Cassie’s daydreams once the this lady moonlight soldier date.

Sam Parker [ ]

Johnny Orlando plays brand new role away from Sam Parker, Kate’s earlier aunt. He loves to sing and you may have fun with the electric guitar. He increases a great smash into Cassie when you find yourself she wants Brayden. Jenna enjoys an excellent break on your, however, he doesn’t feel the in an identical way towards the lady because of his attitude to own Cassie. The guy old Cassie compliment of “summer messaging”, nevertheless when she know it didn’t exercise privately, she dumped your. We do not score much of Sam’s backstory but some want to accept that Sibling Bonnie enjoyed his tunes therefore the guy chose to be more intent on they shortly after she passed away. But when he had been denied from the sounds university the guy applied in order to the guy decided the guy hit a brick wall the woman. Some tips about what brought about your to decrease out of school and you may hightail it to follow his aspirations and also make his sibling proud, in the event it was not the way she desired him to. He was following caught when videos from your singing try posted on line causing your are expelled from university. Then return away from tour and you can is actually pressed towards the heading to summer school to switch his grades. After he done summer college he went back into the tour again. He was upset from the Cassie when he sensed it absolutely was this lady fault which he had to opt for june college. The two in the future cleaned blogs aside and you can decided the time had come to let go and you will move on with its future. It’s later on found you to definitely Sam happens to be a large artist in addition they every lived joyfully actually ever shortly after. In the event the guy performed moist his shorts. Ultimately Cassie rang Sam once more and additionally they had been stating sweet articles regarding each other like you was awesome and you may Sam went on a world journey.

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