He grew up in Seattle and went to Ridgeway Junior Highschool

One of his sculptures trapped flame and individuals think it had been a powerful declaration which had been a stroke from wizard

Spencer Shay try Carly’s weird, peculiar, however, caring and faithful old brother and the child from Colonel Steven Shay and you will Mrs. Shay. Because their father is in the military, Spencer are Carly’s legal protector. The guy resided along with his younger sibling brother within the Apartment 8-C at Bushwell Nearby mall when you are its father are stationed toward good Navy submarine. This new whereabouts of his mom is actually unfamiliar.

Spencer attended Seattle Law College or university for a few days but stop to getting an artist. Even though the guy quit rules college immediately after only for seventy-two hours, he nonetheless and has certain legal education. [24] [25] The guy also kept a text the guy got of rules school. As he fell out, the guy produced a deal with his pops when he couldn’t have one out of his sculptures into the a museum inside three-years, he would go back to law college or university. [26] Although not, he did not explain to their father which he had fell out. [27] During the a web site inform you whenever Spencer talks to his dad more the phone, the guy tells him that rules school goes great. [28] He don’t inform you the outcome until iGoodbye.


Spencer was Carly’s caring more mature sister. They are peculiar and you may aloof, however, has times where he is in control and you may brilliant, especially when you are looking at taking good care of Carly. He’s perhaps not conned with ease, just like the shown into the attacks iLook Exactly the same, iDate a detrimental Guy, and you can iGet Pranky. He after told you himself, “I may end up being an enthusiastic idiot, however, I am not saying dumb”. He could be categorised as unusual, weird, both gullible and easily sidetracked, because of his small focus period. Based on their dated partner, Veronica, he’s got an excellent “imaginative, fun https://www.datingranking.net/de/bewerte-mein-date/ soul.” Spencer are kind and friendly towards every. He or she is frequently seen strengthening unusual sculptures on the tell you and a lot of their really works is actually showed regarding the apartment.

Spencer is compassionate and you may protective off his nothing cousin. Such, the guy reveals a tight and you may adult front side within the iLook The same and you may iDate a detrimental Child, where he rooted Carly twice. He has got leftover Carly’s asthma inhaler whether or not she had not made use of it since she was eight (iWanna Stick with Spencer). During the iLook Exactly the same, Spencer would not help Carly attend the MMA strive, as he said he’s viewed those fights rating most harsh and you can that it’s perhaps not a location for the children. He and additionally told you Carly was grounded for a fortnight since she snuck off to see the strive.

Spencer and additionally seem to finds themselves inside sticky points you to serve as an excellent subplot toward event. These subplots are his nemesis, the new notorious Chuck Spaces.

Spencer is fairly a ladies son, which have old over 10 female. Some of their dating is far more peculiar than just he could be, particularly Connie the new juggler, Lauren Ackerman, Carly’s previous teacher with plenty of psychological trouble, and you will Stephanie, and you can a lady just who thought that she had an animal unicorn which could talk. Spencer typically has no dilemmas delivering girls to date him (even if considering Carly within the iDo, he or she is never had a stable spouse), even if in iWin a date, the guy decides to is actually a dating website called Why-not Time Me?.

Another recurring fun is that of several objects Spencer meets or fixes spontaneously bursts to your flames, the original as the chicken stir-fry the guy made in iWanna Stay with Spencer, which have additional jokes because the thing you to really does very is obviously made of a content that is non-combustible inside the real life, eg a dining table bell or the cymbal to the a guitar. Into the iOMG, it’s found one his fire problem is so very bad, Spencer caused a flames extinguisher in order to expel flame. Into the iDo and you may iGot a hot Room, a bit of clothes instantly falls regarding Spencer when he is from inside the shock (their ribbon tie and his awesome shorts correspondingly).